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With all the roles we play, sometimes we can feel stressed and unaligned with our inner essence and FLOW.

Shine brightly from within. Abundance Mindset for every day.

You ever dream of having that relationship, that family, that job, that business, that lifestyle? You ever dream of living like a nomad or setting roots down on a property or perhaps a little of both? Anything you dream of, can be yours. It’s YOUR dream because it is possible for YOU. Wake up and be that creator of your life. Program your mind for Abundance and make it a reality.

What’s Abundance Mindset for every day? It’s living authentically from the inside -> out and abundantly carving out the life you desire. Abundance means plentiful and overflowing.

Lights On is not for those that are satisfied with dreaming, it’s for people like you that know what it takes to make a dream into reality. It’s for your inner self that has a purpose in your heart and knows there is a higher fulfillment calling you into an abundant life. It’s for you who are tired, frustrated and am ready to do what it takes for results!

I see YOU behind the hustle and bustle of everyday living.
You want more for you and your family. I see the path to your greatness to shine your inner light brightly and boldly for all to see.

Whether it is to give you permission to dream or to help you with strategy and conscious leadership, I see how you are connected to a larger picture and how everything fits around you.

Intuitively, I know where you are blocked and how you can move through it and closer to your wants. I can show you how to program your mind to living in abundant flow while building this life or business you dream of.

The world is changing FAST and if you aren’t positioning yourself for the future, you may be in for an unexpected shift.

Jobs are changing, technology is advancing exponentially, new opportunities are coming out. I have the gift of future thinking to see the opportunities in our changing world.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible! Audrey Hepburn

Lucia is always a breath of fresh air. She is is calm, neutral and poised in every interaction. She has a gentle, yet firm way of showing you a different perspective on a challenge that may initially appear as a deadbolt. I am always looking forward to our coaching conversations — I know that I will learn something new and walk away refreshed, invigorated and resolved. I am so appreciative of how Lucia is always amazingly present in our conversations and how masterfully she weaves and guides me to concrete and action-oriented solutions and consciousness. Suzette Alvarez

Lucia has a compassionate approach to knowing one’s personal story and finding the lessons within it. Having a conversation with her extends an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. With an open mind and an open heart, Lucia shines light in places where before, it was dark. Mercedes Maidana

Love Lucia Griesbach! She always gives spot on advice clear and concise. opened and professional I can always count on her to give me superior feedback and constructive criticism. La Toya Jr Borders