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Are you a small business owner that is feeling stressed and unaligned with your inner essence and FLOW.

Awaken, align and abundant with flow and purpose.

 You care deeply about those around you. You wish to impact this world in a positive way yet unsure if you can really make a difference. Maybe you have an idea what you want to do but you’re not sure how to get there. You know you want to make impact in this fast changing world but are unsure how or what you can do. Are you telling yourself maybe I should forget about my purpose-driven business and go back to my job to make steady income?

Lights On Coaching and Consulting helps our clients light their own unique path. We help our clients find clarity and authenticity from the inside -> out to design the purpose-driven business you desire. Our goal is to help you get aligned with your purpose and build a business that is profitable.

Lights On is for people who understand that time is precious and want to live their purpose sooner than later. We help you connect with your inner self and the purpose that has always been a driving factor for you. We help you to feel good about marketing yourself ethically through attracting the right clients to you.

If you’re feeling stressed out, frustrated and stuck or feeling like you don’t know exactly how to communicate your purpose and are ready to serve with more ease and flow in your life, reach out and contact me for an complimentary clarity call.

Discover the YOU behind the hustle and bustle and finally live life fully with purpose.

Would you like more time and money freedom for you and your family? Did you know you can create abundance through your genius? Yes, you can make income and become your own boss by selling products and services with your expertise.

Whether it is to support you to find purpose in your life or create your purpose-driven business, I can help guide you to  clarity and growth in your passion and purpose.

The world is changing FAST and requires us to align to the best versions of our selves to thrive. No one is going to save you from the future.

Jobs are changing, technology is advancing exponentially, new opportunities are coming out and old roles are phasing out. You can help someone with what you are already naturally gifted in.

Get ahead of the economic shifts that are happening by creating and selling your purpose driven products and services.


Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Lucia is always a breath of fresh air. She is is calm, neutral and poised in every interaction. She has a gentle, yet firm way of showing you a different perspective on a challenge that may initially appear as a deadbolt. I am always looking forward to our coaching conversations — I know that I will learn something new and walk away refreshed, invigorated and resolved. I am so appreciative of how Lucia is always amazingly present in our conversations and how masterfully she weaves and guides me to concrete and action-oriented solutions and consciousness.
Suzette Alvarez

Lucia has a compassionate approach to knowing one’s personal story and finding the lessons within it. Having a conversation with her extends an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. With an open mind and an open heart, Lucia shines light in places where before, it was dark.
Mercedes Maidana

Love Lucia Griesbach! She always gives spot on advice clear and concise. opened and professional I can always count on her to give me superior feedback and constructive criticism.
La Toya Jr Borders