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With all the roles we play, sometimes we can feel stressed and unaligned with our inner essence and FLOW.

Align with passion and purpose,
live in flow & fulfillment.

About Lucia Griesbach

Alignment & Mindset Coach

Hi! Nice to meet you!

I’m an alignment and mindset coach. You might be wondering what that is?

Well, it’s kind of like I’m here to guide you to your place in this world. I’m here to help you make a stand for that which is important to you.

Time is precious. If you don’t feel aligned… you know it.

When you are not feeling happy, you are not in flow. You know life just doesn’t feel quite right anymore but you’re not quite sure what it is or maybe even how to make it better.

That’s where I come in. I help you breakthrough what’s holding you back, get clarity, align with purpose, discover your natural gifts in life so you can start doing what you want and get paid well for it — because after all at the end of the day, it’s “abundance” that we’re all after. Abundance to make sure you and your family are well taken care of and overflowing with all the good stuff in life.

Oh yes, I have a huge emphasis on “doing” what you want in life because let’s face it, most of our time we’re spent doing something.  And I believe that what you’re doing (or not doing) is what will either bring your closer or further from your dreams.

Okay, if you need credentials… here they are.  I’m a Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University, a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistics Programming Practitioner, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner, Discover Your Sacred Gifts Guide and 5/5/5 Coach Skills Trainer.  I’m a lifetime learner all so I can totally master what I do as a coach and consultant to support my clients. I’m well prepared to deal with any challenges you’re facing and help you align back to flow.

But really, much more important than all of that… I’m highly intuitive, really care for my clients and want the best for them. 

If you want to connect and discuss if I can help you… BOOK A CALL with me for a free clarity call.  I promise I’m nice and don’t bite! Oh, and I like a good laugh here and there.



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Lucia is energetic and caring. She really knows how to ask the right questions to reveal value behind stories.
Kris Miller

Lucia has a great ability to continually move my coaching request forward. She helped me accomplish more in one conversation than I thought I could accomplish. In one call, Lucia helped me create content for my webinar and prepped me for a prospective client call. Immediately after our call, I gained a new client!
AnnMarie Colucci