Coaching and Consulting Services

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that every person is the expert of their own life. My role is to help you align and clarify what you want and what’s holding you back from achieving flow and success in your passion and purpose business.  Sometimes we are too close to a situation, we don’t realize the obstacles that we have put in front of our selves. My role is to help you excavate anything that may be holding you back from achieving progress in your purpose-driven business. I help you remove any conflicting ideas so that you can move forward to what you want in your life and business. Essentially, I partner with you to up level your passion and purpose business faster to save you time and money.

I can help you…

Through mindset and alignment coaching, hypnotherapy and training, I partner with you towards the goal of gaining traction in your passion and purpose business.  Whether you need 1-to-1 or group coaching, I have courses to help you move from overwhelm and back into flow and abundance.

If you have a passion and purpose business and want to know possible ways you can shift quicker into more time and money, let’s get on a quick complimentary clarity call to discuss what your options are.

Here are some of the ways I can help you:


Get back into alignment with your passion and purpose business.


Move from overwhelm to focused action.


Clearing up limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.


Parts integration to remove conflicting parts that keep you from clarity.


Apply ethical marketing strategies to attract the right clients for you.


Anchor in powerful habits to create consistent growth in business development.


Break through any limiting beliefs around making money doing what you enjoy.


Design your online business with work life balance.


Learn to connect with your inner greatness and take a stand for your personal power.


Gain unstoppable confidence in self through progress.


Learn to naturally sell with ease and feel good about it.

Coaching and consulting products and packages:


Complimentary Clarity Call

Book a complimentary clarity call to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

In this free discovery call, we talk about what you’re passionate and purposeful about and whether I can help you overcome any time or money blocks.

Breakthrough Session

This is perfect for anyone who is transitioning out of the old and into a new way of being. During this 1-on-1 time together, I work with you to clear out any negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We also put a compelling goal into your future to line up with what you want in business or life.

All applicants must go through a pre-screening discovery call first to apply for this intensive 2-day session. 

Align With Purpose

With the “Discover Your Sacred Gifts” program, this 4 week program is designed to help you uncover your natural gifts that you were born with and help you align with purpose in what you do. This program is designed to excavate and discover your natural gifts; activate and create a plan to use your sacred gifts with purpose.

Align With Abundance

The “Flow Into Abundance” program is for passion and purpose business owners who want to create digital courses to sell. In the 3 months, we work together to get your product started or completed. There are training modules on how to stay in flow, gain an wealthy money mindset while creating your digital courses so you can continue to grow your ceiling of wealth.

This program is offered as a group mastermind and weekly personal coaching with me.

Conscious Coaching Group

This is a monthly 2 hour coaching group session for coaches or healers working on a digital passion and purpose-driven course. Bring something to get coached on. I will be facilitating these sessions to ensure everyone on the call gets some coaching time. These calls are limited to 8 participants per session. Please book a Clarity Call with me first to get the session dates and times.

Align With Coaching

 Want to learn how to coach like the world’s best coaches but without the cost and time commitment?

The 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Program™ is for passion and purpose-driven business owners who use coaching in their business and want to coach in a way that’s in alignment with their clients needs. Want your clients to rave about your coaching skills? Learn how to coach that creates rapport and taps into your client’s natural resources.

In this 8 week virtual program using the 5/5/5 Coaching Skills Program™, we draw from some of the most successful and expert coaches to deliver a simple, intuitive and highly transformative framework for busy leaders and entrepreneurs to learn how to effectively coach for results.

You’ll learn how to build trust and support others to become resourceful, self-reliant problem solvers. Learn to truly empower your clients to be at their best.

After an Executive Coaching session with Lucia I had the most restful sleep in weeks! Lucia really helped me interpret new job jitters before I took on a new role. She is an excellent listener, able to reiterate her clients thoughts and guide you to the most suitable direction. With Lucia’s coaching I was best able to focus on my new direction without distractions. I would highly recommend Lucia’s coaching.
Tamaryn Lang

Lucia is an amazing listener, mentor and coach. My professional development plan had always been somewhat vague but by asking the right questions she was able to draw out what I truly wanted to do. After several sessions, she was able to help me focus and articulate my career aspirations succinctly.

With a background in software development and project management, she knows the IT landscape well and was able to discuss directions in technology, certification and professional development.

Her coaching has set me on the right course and has given me the confidence to achieve my career goals.

Jeff Perrault