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Systems and Strategies Leadership Coach

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I help business leaders with their systems and strategies to work ON their business, so they are less bogged down IN the business. 

My main area of expertise and attention is with Systems Business Coaching.  However, I do offer very limited Life Leadership coaching sessions spots for those hoping to lead their best life with passion and purpose.

Please see below for details for these individual coaching sessions:

 Systems Business CoachingLife Leadership Coaching

If you’re an online digital business owner who is interested in more affordable group coaching, I run a 3-month group coaching program once a year. Details coming soon.

Systems Business Coaching


I work with coaches, content creators, influencers, small business owners and entrepreneurs who are wanting to make an impact and stand out in our busy world. Are you working way more than you should and somehow the numbers still do not show for it?

Hiring a Systems Business Coach® like myself can help you set up sustainable, predictable and profitable systems that allow you to start, build and grow the business of your dreams.

When you hire me as your Systems Business Coach®, you will achieve results faster than working on it alone.

Time flexibility, financial freedom, passion and purpose. These are the most common reasons why people start a business to begin with. Yet so many businesses never reach the level of success they dream of. Majority of businesses that start, don’t make it to the 3-year mark. Then between the years of 3 to 8, many business owners find themselves bogged down by the business, these are the years the business owner is working extra hard with little growth when it comes to profit.

As your Systems Business Coach®, I can help!

I’m specifically trained to help you deal with any mindset or ineffective systems within your business, so that you can get results and experience freedom to grow your business the way you want to.

You’ve tried it on your own – isn’t it time you had someone with the tools from proven systems to build and organize successful companies in your corner?

As your Systems Business Coach®, I can help you with the following:

Strengthen Leadership
Organize Operations
Build Profit And Equity
Develop Your Team
Attract And Keep Great Customers
Streamline Your Marketing Funnel

Here’s how you can work with me…

  • You can set up an introductory call by booking a confidential and comprehensive business assessment with a 90 minute coaching call for $50 (Regular price: $255). We go through your business to discuss what isn’t working and what is working well, then we leave the call with actionable steps with an implementation plan. The cost of this initial consultation goes towards the cost of a 6-month contract if you choose to continue working with me.
  • When you’re ready to hire me as your Systems Business Coach®. Click on the Registration link to Apply, I only take on a limited number of clients at a time and we go through a quick call as part of the application process. Check out the details below.

Your schedule, your pace for optimal strategic business development. The affordable pricing reflects my commitment to small business owners with an option for every budget.

1 on 1 Coaching Cost Availability Registration
Small Business Coaching **2 sessions/month $350 3 spots Apply
Small Business Coaching **4 sessions/month $700 3 spots Apply
Small Business Coaching Individual Session $200 1 Check Dates

** Based on 60 min sessions with a 6-month contract. Includes the cost of one initial 90-minute assessment call.


Now is the best time to reach out for support and accountability with a business coach who will help you create critical systems and structure. Learn to step away from being your hardest working employee to the business leader and strategic thinker your company needs to navigate these challenging years. Stop sitting in a leaky boat, let’s patch up the holes, and get you in the right direction.


Leadership Coaching


Struggling with something in life? Or just unclear in a life direction and would like more clarity? I can help with getting you back on track.

Before you decide you want leadership coaching, I want to briefly explain the difference between coaching and therapy as both have some very similar process and outcomes. The main difference between therapy and coaching is that therapy is focused on healing, whereas coaching is focused on forward movement towards results or designing the outcome.

If you want progress and forward movement, then try booking a leadership coaching session.

I have limited available spots each week for leadership coaching, new spots open each week. Each individual Session is 60 minutes.


1 on 1 Coaching Cost Availability Registration
Leadership Coaching Individual Session $75 1 Check Dates


Overwhelmed, not sure what to book? … SCHEDULE A CLARITY CALL with me for discuss.  I’m here to help.



Lucia is energetic and caring. She really knows how to ask the right questions to reveal value behind stories.
Kris Miller

Lucia has a great ability to continually move my coaching request forward. She helped me accomplish more in one conversation than I thought I could accomplish. In one call, Lucia helped me create content for my webinar and prepped me for a prospective client call. Immediately after our call, I gained a new client!
AnnMarie Colucci