Are you an executive interested in raising your conscious leadership within an organization? Would you like to play an influential role in elevating your peers and direct reports to be the best version of themselves? Would you like to create community and collaborative working relationships that are based on solid and lasting connections?

Mindful leadership, connection, collaboration… you understand your contribution in the emerging economy and future of our world.

LightsOn Coaching and Consulting will support you to develop your strengths, know your weaknesses and ensure that you are working at your ultimate performance as an individual or part of a team. Using coaching, consulting and development workshops, Lucia will help co-create a long term action plan and corresponding action steps with you towards success within an organization!

During your time with Lucia, you may be focused on the following areas:

  • Clarifying Team or Personal Vision
  • Mindful Leadership Development
  • Mindful and Fierce Communication
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Action Plans
  • Business Development Plan
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Time Management Strategies

Interested in seeing if we could work together? Let’s talk.